Updates for Firefox 2.0

Good news everybody (cue up Professor Farnsworth), I’ve finally got my server back up to 99% and have upgraded all the extensions for Firefox 2.0. You can go to my extensions list (http://mozmonkey.com) and download the latest versions there (NOTE: I haven’t updated the version numbers listed on the site yet). I’m also updating my update.rdf and submitting the extensions to addons right now.

Even better is that all the extensions have now been committed to my shiny new Subversion source control that’ll I’ll open to the public sometime next week. When I do I’ll also release and article on how to download and painlessly upgrade extension version numbers with my handy build scripts.

I hope you enjoy the extensions.


  1. Thanks Jeremy, I could not live without SwitchProxy Tool, so having it for FF2.0 is just great! (I delayed the installation of FF2.0 to get your extension first). Thanks for your great work.

    Philippe (from France)

  2. Hi, Thank You, OpenDownload is very useful.

    I can install the new OpenDownload version on Firefox 2.0 but it did not work as expected.

    There is an internal page that send a dos batch (.bat) file and Firefox say it can only save the file. Like if OpenDownload was not there.

    Is it a bug?

    Thank You


  3. Sorry Mozmonkey, it is an INTRANET page not accessible to outside.

    But, the download dialog box does not show the OpenDonwload option to open with default OS application ( command prompt in this case ) as used to be on firefox 1.5.

    I tray to uninstall firefox and install it again but the error remain.

    How can I test if firefox is actually calling Opendonwload to handle file download?

    Thank you for your attention


  4. Thanks for the extensions Jeremy, especially im a heavy user of StockTicker.
    BUT, i have detected some problems with StockTicker extension:

    1) Random firefox crashes related with tab browsing(reproduced in many platforms), it seems to me to be a timing issue when it reloads a stock while a new tab is being created…
    2) Bad performance opening a new window(a popup for instance) it seems wait to reload all stocks before opening the window

    So… the question is:

    What is the license this extension is distributed with? I have the intention of fixing this problems myself if the license is open enough.

    If that is not possible or too speed up the process is there a email or similar where i can send you more information, talkbacks, hacks and such?


  5. So is the SwitchProxy purely a version number upgrade? Did you have a chance to fix the memory leak in it as well? (as identified by the Leak Monitor extension)

  6. Please, expand an opportunity of editing of the list of a proxy when you press Manage Proxy that there was an opportunity to add and delete some pieces at once. And at addition of several at once it is desirable to make use of a proxy for all reports by default, and at addition on one opportunity to expose corresponding option.
    In version the button of option has ceased to work, and in general it can be removed therefrom, not so often people set up one and too expansion.
    And more the request, very much I ask, make display of a used proxy on toolbars changeable.

    In advance thanks!

  7. Don’t know what to tell ya, but OpenDownload doesn’t do a single thing, no options to open.

  8. 2 quick comments:
    1. SwitchProxy 1.4.1 doesn’t install for Thunderbird Thunderbird says it’s not compatible.
    2. Could you add a default proxy?

    Regardless, this is going to be very helpful. Thanks for the tool.

  9. Please ignore comment 2 in last posting. I was having a problem with Firefox where it kept reseting the proxy each time I closed and re-opened it. It was affecting SwitchProxy as well! I’ve reinstalled including a clean profile and that has cleared up the problem. Now SwitchProxy remembers its most recent setting. Perfect. No need for a default.

  10. Hello,

    unfortunately Secure Password Generator is still not ready for Firefox …

    It’s a lot more comfortable than RPG, which I have to use in the meantime, so please update this extension, too!

  11. Please please please fix the memory leak! I’m sick and tired of Leak Monitor popping up when I close a 2nd Firefox window. SwitchProxy is the problem!

  12. May I know anybody have got the SwitchProxy Tool 1.4.1 work with the Thunderbird 2.0?

    I got the “Not compatible with Thunderbird” message.
    Wonder is anybody have a fit for this. Thanks.

  13. I can confirm that switchproxy still shows the leak
    as detected by leak monitor. It happened to me
    on the anandtech.com site after closing a
    comments popup window. This was on swiftfox
    using switchproxy 1.4.1

  14. I installed swithcpproxy onto Netscape 7.2 by mistake.
    This totally messed up the 7.2 browser display in that the page width totaly exceeds screen width. I tried a deinstall / reinstall of Netscape 7.2 to no avail. Any suggestions for a way to recover? Anything in the registry that may be the culprit?