New Version of OpenDownload

I finally got around to updating the OpenDownload extension and it’s now better than ever. Firefox 2.0 now hides the “Open With…” and “Save” options when downloading certain file types. When this happens now OpenDownload adds a “Run” button to the dialog. See screenshot below:

OpenDownload screenshot

I also fixed the bug that would, sometimes, execute the file multiple times.

I’ll be trying to find time to update my other extensions. Recently I’ve changed jobs and am working on a couple other open source projects. I can’t go into much detail right now about the open source projects I’m working on, but expect to hear more soon.

I’ve been at PayPal for about a month now and am really enjoying it. They hired me into their web development platform team as the JavaScript specialist. We’ve adopted the YUI libraries and they are working great to conserve time and provide really customized functionality. Will be sharing more soon.

Speaking of PayPal…


  1. I hope there will be an update for firefox 3.0, don´t like firefox without opendownload ;o(