The Start of SXSW

This year I decided to find out what this whole SXSW conference thing was all about. Yesterday I hopped on a plane and when it landed I was surrounded by nerds, geeks and trendy Web 2.0 developers and designers — I suddenly felt home. I spent the day talking to and hanging out with the likes of Steve Ganz, Kimberly Blessing, Kent Brewster, Stephanie Trimble, Dylan Schiemann, Gilnda the Good Witch, among others.

Right now I’m in the “How to Bluff Your Way in Web 2.0” hosted by the very funny Jeremy Keith and Andy Budd. It is a 90 minute mockery of Ajax, Web2.0 and important site design. Half the people in the room have their laptops open and are playing Buzzword Bingo — 2 people have won so far.


  1. That sounds like so much fun! The 2nd picture looks really crowded though, was it usually that bad?

  2. No, that was just registration. After everyone got their badges they all spread out. There’s about 7 panels running at the same time, so its not too crowded.