Back from SXSW with a little Scurvy

SXSW this year was fantastic! I built my foundation last year (it being my first), so this year I had loads more fun partying with my existing friends, meeting lots of new people and scheming new ideas. The panels were OK and the conference center floor plan was horrible — but then again SXSW is really about the networking.

Sadly I returned with what is now widely known as the SXSW Scurvy! It seems everyone who went to the 5 day conference came back with a bad strain of the flu. To make everyone feel better Stephanie Trimble, Josh Gillick and I put together a giant Get Well card and patient registry for all who are infected.

The SXSW Scurvy Get Well Card

Not only did I return with the scurvy, I also came back with a sprained ankle and now I need to wear this walking boot for 4 – 6 weeks.

The walking boot for my ankle

All-in-all though, it was totally worth it. I extended my network in many important directions and had a great time with friends. I’m already planning a list of panel ideas in hopes of actually speaking at the 2009 conference. The ideas are revolving around JavaScript, how social sites connect people in real life and easy progressive enhancement techniques. I’m hoping that next year will have a stronger technical path and design panels with fresh information and strategies.

I have a W3C Scarf

More photos from SXSW.


  1. Wish I could have been at SXSW. I noticed your photo of the sprained ankle. I’m the web guy over at and wanted to let you know about electrotherapy for pain relief and other rehabilitation tools. I was in a really bad accident last year and these tools really helped me out. Check it out, –Bill.

  2. It seems odd that they would call this condition “scurvy”. Actual scurvy is caused by a lack of vitamin C and has nothing to do with either flu or networking conferences.