Return of the Singing Keyboard

Since posting my DIY instructions for the Singing Keyboard Prank, a couple years ago, it continues to be one of the most viewed entries on this site; and the most fun to write. So when I saw that was having an April Fools contest, I had to enter it. I’m still not even sure what the prize is, but I’m motivated to win!

So please checkout my instructable and give it a vote!

Plagiarism Claims

Some people on the site have already added comments accusing me of copying KipKays video. On closer inspection you’ll notice that he posted that video a whole 8 months after my original post. In fact his video follows exactly the same steps and procedures that my instructions outlined. I’m not mad, I think his video is excellent and I’m glad somebody took the time to do that. However, I would have liked him to give credit where it is due.

To take other peoples work and claim it as your own is wrong.

Thanks for the vote

With that said, checkout my new instructable and if you like it, throw it a vote. Thanks!
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