Extensions for Firefox 3

This is just a quick blog post to let everyone know that I will be upgrading all my extensions to support Firefox 3 by the end of this week. I’m sorry for the delay, it has been hard to find time for extension development in recent months.

On a related note, I feel bad that I have not had the opportunity to spend time on my extensions and would like to see if anybody wants to step up and either help me maintain them or take them over completely. If you’re interested, please post a comment to this blog post. I do not check my mozmonkey email much anymore, due to the amount of spam it gets, so the blog comments are the best way to reach me.


  1. hy, could you also update tinyurl creator to the new option of tinyurl.com to choose an own name for the tiniyurl? maybe a with a second entry in the rightclicmenue to input the choosen name.

    thanks, youre doing grat work.

    CU TOM

  2. Hey Jeremy, thanks for taking the time to develop several useful extensions.

    I can help you update some extensions for FF3 so let me know if you’d like a hand.

  3. Great news. I was already thinking of rewriting the tinyurl extension by myself. BTW: I could help you or take over some extensions if you want to.

  4. Hi Jeremy,

    I think that Firefox is really a step backwards without your opendownload extension. I believe we should have that OPTION. Please e-mail me to let me know what I could or can do to help. Truth be known, I have never created an addon and would not know where to begin, but heck… I am willing to try and learn to get that function in.

    Worst case, if I have the info, i would pool with some guys that are more knowledgeable than I am, to help me out!

    Thanks for your absolutely Great work.

  5. Tiny URL Creator is also very nice! Quite handy. Please, don’t forget it too. 🙂 I’d like to known when (if) you make the FF3 version available if possible. Thank you!

  6. I love your tinyurl creator and used it daily until I upgraded. It is a great add on and I shared it with all my friends.

    Thanks you so much for the hard work you put in to make my life easier.

  7. Hi Jeremy,

    If you can’t maintain it yourself(and nobody else offers), i can take over maintainer-ship of SecurePassword Generator.

    Alaa Salman

  8. Hi Jeremy, I am developing a local proxy server and I’m looking for some kind of FF extension to connect and, if possible, interact with it somehow such that it is as sooth as possible for the user. Is there any way that you or anyone else could start from SwitchProxy and develop or at least specify the development that would need to be done?

    (I am – perhaps naively – looking for a way to control and connect to a local proxy the way that Google Accelerator does)

  9. Could you please make “Copy as plain text” work on the “view source” window? Thank you!

  10. I use Copy Plain Text and Open Long URL extensions many, many times every day. Do you have an ETA on when these will be updated to work in Firefox 3.5?