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April Fools Hack – The Singing Keyboard

This year I decided to go all out for April Fools and do something that could be duplicated across multiple computers without permanent damage — and so the singing keyboard hack was born.


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Take the musical element from a musical greeting card and connect it to the caps lock LED on the user’s keyboard. Each time the victim presses caps lock the music plays (and quite loud too). This is a great sleeping prank…It might be found on the first day, or weeks from implementation. It’s the perfect prank.
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My second ‘Firefox’ at the Songbirder+Mozilla Party

Flaming Firefox

Last night I went to the Songbird+Mozilla party in SF and it was awesome. There were lots of people from various startup companies, good music, great food, drinks and the Flaming Firefox (pictured above) was most excellent. It almost felt like we were back in the ol’ “dot com” boom; oh sweet nostalgia.

I really like what they have going there. It’s the first real use of the XULRunner application that I’ve seen and has a lot of potential and a great executive team. I just hope that someday when they make millions they’ll remember I came to their party. ;o)

GO SONGBIRD! (versions for Apple and *NIX are coming soon. Hooray!)