Monthly Archives: February 2011

New Year, New Interests and moving on from old projects

So it’s the second month of the new year and a lot has happened. I notice that my last post is over a year old and is a great indicator to where my mind has been. Over the last two years I have been focusing more on my life and extracurricular activities than my blog and technical projects. It’s been an exciting ride and continues.

First off, I think it is high time that I officially announce that I will no longer be maintaining my mozilla extensions. This will come as no surprise as I haven’t been doing anything with them in the last few years. My arm has been twisted into this reality as the hosting company of my extensions seemed to loose my website and everything on it. The code for them is still publicly available on my SVN server (which will be moved to github at sometime in the future).

On to the new interests. Two years ago I decided to get back into shape and through diet and a dedicated workout routine I lost ~30lbs in about 3 months. I have continued my routine and in August became part of CrossFit Mountain View. A big part of this transition was learning how to cook food that is delicious, healthy, and now paleo. So many of my friends have asked me for my recipes and tips that I finally decided to start posting it all online!

So, without further ado, I present my new fitness blog: *drum roll* The Tough Banana!

It’s brand new and I’m still working on the content, design and templates. Check it out and feel free to provide suggestions.

Not to worry, I’m not killing this blog, I’m just checking in and letting you all know what I’m doing. I’ll update this one as it’s relevant.